Adult Support and Protection Borrowing or Stealing

Who is at Risk?

Any adult (an individual aged 16 or over) who:

► Is unable to safeguard their own well-being, property, rights or other interests

► Is affected by disability, mental health problems, illness of physical or mental infirmity, and is more vulnerable to being harmed than adults who are not so affected

How to recognise if someone is being harmed or at risk of harm

There are a number of ways to spot if an adult is at risk of or abuse or neglect. Some of these include:
The adult themselves may advise they are being harmed or they may make a comment which leads you to suspect they are being abused or neglected
unusual, unexplained or suspicious injury
unexplained loss of weight or increased confusion
the adult may appear frightened of a particular person
unable to spend time alone with the adult due to the insistence or presence of another
Unexplained debts or reduction in assets may be indicators of financial abuse

More Information

You can find more information on the Scottish Government Act Against Harm website.


Speak to someone

During office hours - phone Health and Social Care Connect

► 0141 287 0555

Complete online Adult Protection Referral

18001 0141 287 0555

Outwith Office hours - phone

► 0300 343 1505

You can also contact an Advocacy Service

The Advocacy Project

Glasgow City Carers Partnership's Carers Information Line
0141 353 6504 or visit yoursupportglasgow

Carer Your Support Your Way Glasgow

Where does harm happen?


It can happen in their own home, in a hospital ward, a care home or day care centre, social clubs, at work or in public places.

Who would abuse an adult at risk?

It could be anyone, including a relative, spouse or partner, carer, friend, professional, volunteer, neighbour or a stranger.

Our Vision

By promoting health and well-being we aim to strengthen, safeguard and protect vulnerable people.

Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review

Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review Protocol, Notification forms and published documents can be found here.