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What is Harm?

There are many different types of harm, including:

(hitting, shaking, punching, pulling hair etc, locking them in a room or limiting their freedom)

Emotional / psychological
(made to feel scared or embarrassed, being intimidated or bullied, constantly criticised, not being allowed to see or talk freely to other people)

(not given the correct medication or care, not allowed to see a doctor or other health professional, not allowed enough food or have proper heating, lack of privacy and dignity)

(stealing, fraud, forcing to hand over money or goods, misuse of property or benefits or stopping someone getting their own money or possessions)

Sexual abuse
(any sexual activity that the person does not understand or want; degrading or inappropriate photographs)

If you know or suspect that an Adult is being harmed then you need to report your concerns. Don't assume that someone else has already reported it. The person being harmed or neglected may not be able to report it themselves. Remember, the person who did this may be doing it to others too.

More Information

You can find more information on the Scottish Government Act Against Harm website.

Speak to someone

During office hours - phone Health and Social Care Connect

► 0141 287 0555

Complete online Adult Protection Referral

18001 0141 287 0555

Outwith Office hours - phone

► 0300 343 1505

You can also contact an Advocacy Service

The Advocacy Project

Glasgow City Carers Partnership's Carers Information Line
0141 353 6504 or visit yoursupportglasgow

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Where does harm happen?


It can happen in their own home, in a hospital ward, a care home or day care centre, social clubs, at work or in public places.

Who would abuse an adult at risk?

It could be anyone, including a relative, spouse or partner, carer, friend, professional, volunteer, neighbour or a stranger.

Our Vision

By promoting health and well-being we aim to strengthen, safeguard and protect vulnerable people.

Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review

Glasgow Public Protection Learning Review Protocol, Notification forms and published documents can be found here.